Clutch + Flywheel For SC 2.9 ZZP and Beyond


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Hey Guys,

So I an anticipating having to pull my engine due to some internal problems possibly a clogged pickup between the block and head. Fortunately I have a spare engine I still need to check compression on that one.

Here is my list so far for the new/used engine:
  1. Install new Bosch intake pump.
  2. Install new timing chain set.
  3. Paint engine alumablast silver.
  4. Install oil pressure gauge. For those that have done this where did you install the gauge?
  5. Install new clutch / flywheel - which flywheel / clutch should I go with? I will be upgrading to 2.9 ZZP pulley on charger.
  6. Any other ideas?


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A GMPP clutch/flywheel should work just fine. I still have the factory clutch in my 03 Cavalier what now makes 280whp, is 1,000lbs heavier than a Goblin, 110,000+ miles(60,000 of that boosted and beat), and it still holds fine.