Clutch Pressure Plate Bolts


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So tonight I stripped a few of the pressure plate bolts it was my mistake in using red lock tight originally instead of blue and even with a 8mm wrench they would not come off without torching. I read these bolts are notorious for stripping the recommendation is the ARP bolt replacements for the LSJ. Has anyone done this and do you think it is a good move?



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Its not fun at all trying to get off bolts that are stripping. I had my slave cylinder bolts strip and the transmission fluid drain plug strip. probably took 3 hrs to get off. those new bolts in the link look much better at grabbing the wrench and they have great reviews so i would give them a shot for sure.


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They are ARP bolts, what could go wrong with that?
I think these will work great for the pressure plate.

The flywheel bolts by ARP are another story. GM recommends replacing the flywheel bolts due to torque to yield but the ARP bolts have too tall of a head and can grab the disc most complaints were from aftermarket flywheels but I could not find a confirmation on the OEM flywheel so I went GM OEM bolts.