Color Scheme - Body Color Subframe


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I ma trying to figure out the color scheme for my Goblin by making a list of the various parts and what color I want them painted or powder coated. Right now, my top choice for the chassis is Red with some kind of metal flake. It appears that most subframes I see pictures of are always black. Does anyone have pictures of a subframe painted the same color as the chassis (ideally in a red)?


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I just got my parts back from powder and did the same metallic gray on the frame and subframe (and everything else except exhaust). But obviously this means I don't yet have any pictures assembled :( sorry.
The only downside I could think of is that it will probably look dirty most of the time.

I'm only doing black on my rattle-canned parts (axles, steering rack, pedal boxes, e-brake, hubs).


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Brad, my frame is Illusion Red and so is my subframe but it isn't installed yet. Looking at all the rest of the frames with subframe the same color I wish my subframe was black. IMO the subframe looks out of place under the engine when it is the same color. You have all this cool tubing and then this weird looking semi-boxy thing under the engine. When it is black, it is sort of hidden, especially if you go with a matte black. Just my observation. You do what works for you! Here is an example: