Completed SS/SC Engine Images


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I'm getting close to mounting my engine to the frame and want to have everything correct so I don't end up having to go backwards. There is so much helpful info all over this place but I'm wondering if anyone has time to take a bunch of pictures of a completed SC mounted engine. All angles, zoomed in and out, so we can see how the plumbing is routed, vacuum lines, fuel, shifter cables, electrical, etc. It would be comforting to check my work against images of a known working SC goblin. A huge thank you in advance to anyone that wants to help out. I don't think there is such thing as to many pictures either, the more the better. You don't even need to label them.


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I posted these recently. There's not a lot you can get wrong, at least not with regrettable consequences. Off the top of my head, the throttle body and coil pack connectors are the same and can be swapped, as are the fuel injectors harness and MAF connectors. If you get a no-start, these can be confirmed with wire colors. About the other things that can be wired wrong are just things not being plugged in, so unless you have spare connectors, not a lot to worry about there.

If you're concerned about your routing on the boost control solenoid, that's a fairly standard thing to find diagrams online. I don't have any pictures off my car at the moment.

I'd imagine if you get the shifter cables backwards the shift pattern would be rotated 90° but I'm also not sure it'd go into gear.

If you were at risk of frying something by having it hooked up wrong, then yeah, I'd want to be 110% sure I got it all hooked up right, but as long as you're not trying to start it in gear with the clutch engaged, the worst case scenario is probably a no-start.