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Cradle differences?


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While attempting to remove my cradle from my 2007 SS/SC donor I found that the rear left (passenger side) mount was hacked on. :eek:

I had a devil of a time getting that bolt out and found that there was a nut loose (besides the one attempting the removal!). Once I finally got the bolt out, I found that the hole in the cradle had been elongated. I do not have the cradle out, yet. I am taking a break (and some pain meds) before going at it again.

Thus my subject question... are there differences in the cradles (i.e. just the cradle, not the suspension) between the 2.2l manual, 2.2l automatic, 2.0l manual, and the 2.4l cradles? JUST in case I find that the cradle I have is damaged, I have been exploring the cost of replacement. :oops:

I will be replacing the lower control arms as the ball joints look and feel bad not to mention the rubber bushings that are all perished!


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It's the same for all Cobalt/G5 Variants. It's also found in the 05-07 Saturn Ion. GM Part# 15918781


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And here is the damage... The round hole is where it actually mounts to the chassis where as the rusted out hole above it is the one I am worried about.

I guess I could get a large washer and have it welded onto cradle but how much is this area rusted? I think I know of a possible (cheap) cradle locally so I will check that out tomorrow.



I have a welder, so that is what i would do. I would buy one before I paid a welder though(100$ in the yards around me). Good to know they all interchange.


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Adam told me that the 2010 SS/TC subframe has two bolt holes on each side to mount the sway-bar, base models have a single bolt hole and a tab-slot on each side. Not sure about SS/SC, YMMV.


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Well, I went to the three salvage yards in Dodge City, KS and ended up at my favorite Spanish speaking yard where they had just pulled the engine/transmission out of a Cobalt. Just sitting there was the engine cradle and they were the lowest $$ of the three.

Oh, did I mention I don't speak any Spanish? :rolleyes: We got by and I got what looks like a very clean cradle.

Boy, IF I could go back in time to my freshman year of high school, I would have taken Spanish instead of German. :p Glad I didn't take French or Latin! :confused: