Critique my order (long)


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Well I did it. I placed the order with these updates compared to my original post:
- Extended windscreen
- Side panels
- Rear coilover kit (impulse buy, early Christmas present to myself haha)
- Footwell cover
- Wire harness service

I'll be ordering the removable steering wheel kit, upgraded lower rod end mounts, and wiring harness supply kit from the store separately. Fingers crossed that I don't muck up the wiring too badly, but my plan is to use lots of velcro cable ties to keep things tidy until I'm ready to electrical tape it all.

I shot an email to the support team with my request for frame mods (double door bar easy entry and added track halo bar) and Adam replied in minutes confirming that those options are available and price ($150 for double door bar and $125 for two added roof halo bars).