Custom automatic shifter handle.


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Thought I’d throw this out there. Just finished making my shifter handle.
first I removed the knob from the shifter. Then cut it in half at the bandsaw. 33AF0ACE-130E-41C7-9665-FBA508C78870.jpegE0D3D433-CC87-4C7A-9C94-0B2448A132F0.jpeg
Then removed the plastic from the lower half. Then I mounted it on the lathe and tuned down the plastic above the set screw to 5/8 of an inch.
using some pvc tubes (3/4 and 1 1/2 inch) about 5 inches long. I mixed up some allumilite casting resin. Green and black.

once it was set I bored a 5/8 hole about 2 inches or so in one end of the handle blank. Flipped it over and bored a 1/2 inch hole through. This left a shoulder inside the blank.
I then mounted the black blank on the lathe and bore a 1/4 inch hole about 3/4 inch deep. I turned it down to just slightly under 1/2 inch most of the length and a 5/8 shoulder on the other end. Made it fit inside the handle blank with smooth travel.
Turning back to the handle I mounted it on a pen mandrel and turned it to the desired shape and wet sanded and polished it. Also polished the end of the black button blank.

I cut a small length of 1/4 aluminum rod to fit the end of the button. Made sure everything moved properly and glued the original mounting into the handle. Making sure to have the button installed into the handle before glueing. Works perfect!!