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Nice looking car. There were a couple folks asking in the Facebook groups the other day about cars for sale so you might crosspost over there too.


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I have decided to sell my Goblin.
I've done dozens of autocrosses with it since I built it back in June of 2020 and it is extremely competitive. Many of the modifications are changes that were made to make the car handle even better. The car was dyno tuned by Capital City Performance in Madison, WI on 91 ethanol free pump gas and made 280whp on a Mustang dyno. The fuel pump and injectors are sized to handle E85 but the fuel lines are not rated for it. I chose to run 91 since it's the most readily available and with the 9 gallon fuel tank I was worried I wouldn't get very far on a tank of gas running E85.
The car will occasionally throw a random misfire detected code, I believe it's due to the neutral balance shafts and an 8,200rpm rev limiter, but the light doesn't come on.
It's currently registered through my Montana LLC but I'm located in Southern Wisconsin. It's titled as a 1957 Lotus 7 so it's fairly easy to get insurance for it as well.

Donor: '06 Chevy Cobalt SS Supercharged w/ 5-speed manual transmission
16X,XXX miles
G85 package w/ LSD differential
Kit Details:
standard length
full frame
full door bars
DF optional equipment:
fiberglass hood
standard windscreen(shortened)
footwell cover(not installed but included)
wing mounts(not installed but included)
dominator headlights
mirrors w/ turn signals(driver's side mirror is broken from a rock)
l.e.d. taillights
button panels(half of the buttons have been swapped out)
rear coilovers
tow bar package
5x114.3 hubs
welded in extra center bar in main hoop
welded in front corner grab handles/gussets
welded in coolant nipples(instead of pulling the hoses through the frame)
welded in roof rack tabs
powder coated Granite Gray
OTTP 2.7 overdrive pulley
80lb valve springs w/ titanium retainers
80lb fuel injectors (E85 compatible)
AEM 340LPH fuel pump (E85 compatible)
Radium Engineering fuel surge tank w/ built-in adjustable pressure regulator
Radium Engineering fuel filter
Radium Engineering fuel pressure gauge
base model fuel pump to supply surge tank
custom fuel tank vent w/ rollover valve
ZZP neutral balance shafts
new timing chains
external oil cooler (water to oil cooler deleted)
Accusump oil accumulator
wrinkle red powder coated valve cover
aluminum coolant expansion tank
ZZP stainless exhaust header
Cosmis XT-206R Hyper Red Wheels 17x9 +5mm
Falken Azenis RT660 tires 255/40/17 front and 275/40/17 rear
Wilwood manual master cylinder
Tilton 3-chamber reservoir
standard base model calipers front and rear (no ebrake)
Hawk HPS brake pads
stainless braided brake lines
standard DF supplied QA1 coilovers in front w/ 450lb springs
DF sourced BC Racing coilovers in rear w/ 200lb springs
base model Cobalt front sway bar in rear
Moog Problem Solver spherical bearing control arm bushing replacements
Sabelt Titan Max XL racing seats
Racequip 5-point harnesses
custom bolt-in harness bar
billet aluminum shifter w/ weighted delrin shift knob
NRG steering wheel w/ quick release
3d printed lower button panel with keyless push button start(or switch back to keyed ignition)
battery disconnect switch
phone holder
Warn offroad glove box bag
custom front flat floor with winglets to help front downforce
power steering delete
Hella Supertone horns
front tow strap and rear tow hook
rear license plate holder with lights
rear view mirror
shortened and tinted windshield
plasti-dipped hood
mesh grille

I know I probably missed a lot so feel free to ask any questions.
I also have a couple videos of the car on our YouTube channel. www.youtube.com/wotclub
ASKING $32,000
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That Goblin is really cool! Awesome job!


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I've posted your sale on our Facebook page a bit back but did another post today. I hope you're able to find a buyer soon. As many calls or emails that we get asking us if we sell fully built Goblins for sale, I am shocked that a completed Goblin can go unsold! Best of luck in finding a buyer asap!
Thank you! I appreciate the assistance!