Detailed donor parts list

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Can we update this list to include the 5 speed models need to keep the shift cable attachment ball joint things?

I did not keep mine because it did not tell me to, so now I'm buying 60$ replacement pieces from an aftermarket manufacturer because I can't find the OEM part number to buy them from Chevy. The OEM ones are apparently very brittle so they're often replaced anyway, but the aftermarket replacements don't fit the DF threaded bar so you'll have to come up with a welded solution and not everyone has a welder, so this is an important part to keep if you don't like coming up with a custom solution.

If you have a 5 speed, keep the little plastic pieces that attach the shifter ball ends to the shift cables. DF's current shifter setup requires you to reuse them.

  • Shifter
    • automatics need to keep the single shifter cable
    • manual cables are replaced with custom length cables in the kit
    • Plastic snaps to attach shift ball joint to cables <-- Add this
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Hello everyone, rather than bug Adam I figured I would check here. I read through this list but I still have a concern about the rear hubs. I down to the tank and sub frame on my donor. Will I need the rear hubs? I have a ss/sc with disc in the rear I wasn't sure if those hubs go up front? The other thing confusing me is that I went with the 5x114.3 option. I'm not 100% on what that replaces and if that comes with 2 hubs or 4 and if it still needs donor parts to install. I have someone interested in the shell and another interested in the rear subframe. I do want to send them off with parts I still need. Thanks for the help guys

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If you bought the 5x114.3 hub option from DF, you'll get four new hubs, two for the front and two for the back. You won't need to scavenge the hubs from your donor.


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I’d keep the hubs, just in case. It won’t hurt.

don’t forget the park brake tubes from the lever to the back of the car.


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The list needs some updating. It’s a good idea to take some generic pics of the cobalt and post them in your log. A lot of us will catch things you need and make you aware of it.