DF Goblin Beginnings - The Story

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I posted this in another thread, but thought it might be a good idea to put it in its own posting. This is the Goblin development story that was put into the Grassroots Motorsports webpage by Lonny and Adam in 2014 when they were first creating the Goblin. It is an interesting read (skip through all of the forum commentary from others) to see how their ideas became reality. All of us thank them for their ingenuity and sticking with their idea to create an affordable kit car that we all know and love. :D



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Just read the whole thing (minus the chatter). Very interesting to see the earlier versions of things. One day our car will be the "earlier version" if not already.

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It was REALLY interesting to see everything Adam had to say in that thread. It's amazing how far the Goblin has come in 6 years. Love it!!!


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Great find and read. I’m glad the gas tank is not in the front anymore :p Will be neat to see where the company is in 10 years.


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I read this a few years back when I was first contemplating getting this kit. Its a very interesting read, indeed.


A very good read. I am glad of all the improvements. I really like the attention to low cost and easy assembly. I am glad they came to the conclusion to build the kits. It is an amazing amount of work already done by having all the brackets and mounting points already done.


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Great read. Tons of information on how the first build came together. Thanks for sharing!