Do Rear Struts Restrict Options?

Have any of you had to restrict wheel / tire choices due to using factory struts on the rear? I’m wondering if the size of the spring cup would restrict wheel offset options at all. I’ve seen pics of some Goblins using donor struts where the tires look very close. ??? And I have zero experience with using the spacers like a lot of you are using. If I’m going with struts out back and would like a 17” wheel / tire combo – suggestions?


Goblin Guru
This coilover kit converts the stock struts to use 2.5"ID springs instead of the big stock ones.

I used it for 2 years, then moved onto the BC struts. These eliminate the overhang issues, you can buy many different spring weights, are ride heighth
adjustable and just look cleaner than those big springs.


Goblin Guru
Yep. Really helps finish the custom look and opens up more tire size options. Not to mention, the adjustability is the icing on the cake.