Donor with Aftermarket Supercharger

Hello everyone,

I recently acquired a donor with an aftermarket zzp supercharger on it. I am not sure if this will fit with the goblin and was looking for some info.

Thanks for any help!


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Pictures would help. The stock supercharger fits on my 2.0L engine... Do you have the 2.2L engine?
The ZZP kits are designed to fit under the hood of a Cobalt, so you probably are fine in a Goblin.


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The ZZP supercharger kit for a 2.2L fits, but I had to do a slight bit of modification. The alternator bolts had to be switched to hex head instead of allen head for clearance. I also had to maintain the AC compressor for proper belt routing (ZZP kit assumes you have AC). I gutted the AC compressor so its just a pulley now. Check my build thread for more info on that.