Early Year Model Vs Late Year Model


Goblin Guru
Where is the beak between Early and Late model Cobalt's?

Is a 2007 considered a late model when it comes to references in the videos?


Goblin Guru
2008 is the real break for the wiring and computer controllers. There are also the issues with the 2005? base being different.


Goblin Guru
if you are referring to button panels the store page shows the difference between 4 spoke steering wheel being early model and 3 spoke steering wheel as late model. in terms of the SS models it would be a split at 2008 with the 05-07 being early and the 08-10 being the late model.


Goblin Guru
Early vs late is goi g to vary by the vehicle system being described. For button panels it's based on the donor steering wheel, but for the brake booster and master cylinder it's based on the approximate physical size of the MC and whether or not an aluminum spacer is present between the MC and the booster.