Easy entry option.

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Does anyone have the lowered entry option? I've looked at some builds but haven't seen one. How much lower are they?


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Unless you have a physical aliment that would keep you from being able to get over the regular frame I would def recommend the standard frame. I’ve been in both and the easy entry frame is scary low in the side impact area. Plus the standard just looks a bit better IMO.


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Look at pour build. We have the easy entry. I understand what JSATX is saying but we really like the easy entry. The looks is your personal preference. It is easier to get in and out


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I have the easy entry and rode in Lonnie's regular.
I prefer the easy entry (I'm 47 years young) , my younger brother who has ridden in both prefers the standard.
Just boils down to personal preference.

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Thanks James. I think my wife would appreciate that lower entry.
We don't need the low entry now but think about the (near) future.
Not worried about the side protection. You get hit in one of these and that top bar isn't going to help a lot.

For new builders here is a picture of Tony's regular entry for comparison.
Appreciate all the info the Goblin builders society provides. Thanks Guys!

Planning on starting my build the end of 2018.
So far I think I will do city, extended, low entry, 2010 2.2
Mine will have to include a/c, heat, abs. Its for cruising not racing.
I plan on building my own a/c and heat boxes. Will they fit behind the seats? If not I will design a spot.
If anyone has a completed build around me I would love to have a ride.
I'm in Matamoras, PA. Where New York, PA, New Jersey meet.


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If you’re not very tall and you have an extended there will be a small amount of room behind the seats, maybe enough to fit something. I am 5’9” ish and my dad is 5’11” and there will be little to no room back there, if my dry fits are accurate. Maybe if you find really shallow seats and sit far forward there will be space in front of the firewall.

Good luck with ABS, I’ve heard it’s hard to do unless you have the exact same wheel sizes, I believe. It really doesn’t need ABS, you can just mess around in a parking lot skidding out until you know the breaking point of the tires.

There should be a small space on your car in the front, behind the BCM, and a lot more space above the fuel tank. You could also fabricate a faux floor to sit and look like the real floor only raised up a few inches. Once you get the engine in it’s pretty easy to visualize where there will be space and other things. Good luck!


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I bought one of these for my car, it is mounted above the passenger foot well and fits perfectly. I build one first out of sheet aluminum but this one is much nicer and smaller. I'm working on getting it hooked up. eBay item 292550377907. I paid $82. Is a heater, evaporator, multi speed blower.
See my build.

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Hi Dan. I was considering building my own as well. I read your build and assumed you built your own. Appreciate the information. This is a better way to go. Jeff