Engine Wire Harness Missing MAP Plug thoughts


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Long story short my donor car had a bad engine and the wire harness was in horrible shape as well. I ordered a new turbo crate engine and new OEM motor wire harness direct from GM, but the harness is missing one of the Turbo MAP sensor plugs making me think this harness was not made for turbo car. I noticed one of the map sensors located in the intake manifold and one located in the pipe just before the throttle body. The car runs and drives, But i think its important to have both plugged in to get the proper boost and get a proper tune.

Its too late to take back the wire harness so i was wondering if I could run a new plug from the MAP to the correct Pins on the plug going to the PCM?





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I don't see why not. You have the correct PCM and sensor. You're just missing a few wires. Should be an easy fix to add it.

The sensor in the throttle body tube also measures your intake temps. I don't know how important the sensor is to engine performance, but I'd prefer it to be there.