F23 Solid Transmission Mounts

Matt C

When installing the solid transmission mounts, I noticed the supplied bolts were too big in diameter to mount the rear solid mount. Thankfully my original bolts worked. When looking at the front mount, the supplied bolts are way too short. I thought maybe I got the wrong baggie (it does say it’s for an SS, which I don’t have). But the same hardware is shown in the picture of the kit in DF’s online store. Anyone ever installed the solid mounts on the F23? How did you end up mounting the front mount?



Goblin Guru
In my opinion, it looks like there's a chance you got the wrong hardware baggie. I have an F35 (SS) trans currently installed but am swapping to an F23, so I have the mounts and hardware for both. When I get home tonight I will compare hardware sets and let you know if I can confirm or clarify.