Forum Updated - 4-24-18


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Hey guys,

If you've been around here for long you probably just noticed that the forum looks way different. I just upgraded the software from a pretty old version to the newest version and it automatically restyled the forum.

Since it was a pretty big upgrade, there might be some things that don't work or look as they should. If you run into any issues, please post here or shoot me an email.


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Login works just fine. Ya'll sure do like that Goblin green paint. 8D Improved 'attach file' button is nice.


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The only thing that I have notched is that it broke the commenting on a very old IOS. My iPad is very old and not updated and I can't comment using Safari anymore. It does have a text dialog box, just a box to upload a file. But works fine when I use Chrome.


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Also, I don't seem to get the pop up box for a direct link when clicking on a post number. It's a handy feature as opposed to just telling someone to see post X of Y thread.