Full cage or open cage


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Just found out my frame is almost getting to the jig and it is time to finalize things.

If you could redo it or had a choice now... what would you choose? I selected open cage but not sure.

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Track frame. For us old guys having something to hang onto getting in and put is a must have. Plus the extra protection doesn't hurt if you live in a metro area with idiot drivers. And then there is those track days...

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I would try to get DF GOBLIN to build a enclosure like this. For a couple of reasons
I could use a full size DOT windshield like this one.
For rollover safety with the top bars and wind shield bar.

Why I didn’t go with full cage this time around,
I’m a big guy and I see how hard it was for goonzsquad to get in and out of the one they had and I thought no way did I want to do that every time.
The plexiglass is hard to clean without scratching it.
Plus mine is cracking where the bolts go through, My own fault for going so fast , I will just shorten it and fix that way.


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I like my open frame, but the bikini tops the guys have on the track frames make me jealous. I am glad I switched from easy entry that I originally ordered to a standard.


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I got the track frame and I love it. I once heard @Dsteinhorst say he wishes he had chosen the track frame so he could put a roof rack up there.
This is true! I went open, but would do track next time. Feels a bit more substantial. Nathan's setup is pretty sweet, which is swaying my opinion.


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I went City/open, but had a local fab shop build a windshield frame to hold a flat sheet of safety glass and tied it into the main hoop. We do not intend for it to hold up in a roll over.



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I bought the normal length, track frame. If I did it again, I would get the extended frame for more leg room.

The full cage adds in protection, which I like. The easy entry sides would be nice, but again, I like the extra protection. So my only change is the extra length.


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While there is nothing wrong with asking for input on which way to go, I hope that you ultimately decide on what is most important to you and you don't get talked into something you may not want.

Both are good options and are tailored to specific needs and wants. Go with your gut.


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Thanks all... I have extended. Would struggle getting in and out so might benefit from cage. However I will probably never see track days.


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Well then that means mine is in the jig! I went with full cage (Safety and looks) Easy entry (Not very flexible any more) and extended frame. I rode in Lonnys car and I was maxed out as far as legs to floor and I am 6'2"


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I probably wouldn't do the door bars and still may go back and cut then out. Still not finished building but I can tell entry into standard size, with race cage and full bars won't be easy.

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I have an extended track full door. I may have preferred the easy-entry, or mid-entry for getting in, but I like having the full cage and full doors when driving.

In the end, I wouldn't have changed anything but gone with an LSJ instead of an LNF. I originally hated the look of the cage, thinking I'd only like the street version. I ended up buying the track version for safety reasons and had only ever seen two street version goblins before, never an in-person track. I'm pretty happy with the looks and feel, but track is difficult to enter...

Edit: As Kyle said below, having an option for a roof and rearview mirror was another big positive.
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One of the big driving factors for me getting a full cage was the ability for some kind of roof/sun protection. There are a few examples of people doing that here on the forum.


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Different roof covering
This is the route I'm gonna go. Extra storage if needed (trips to walmart for something small always ends up being more than what's on the list when my wife comes with me). I may follow your build for it verbatim. Still debating if I want to just build my own with some flat stock and square tubes or not.


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Track frame is great but just a bit tight I would consider extended track frame so its easier to get in and out.