fun game: help identify this part (LSJ EVAP purge valve line)


Hey guys, when pulling the engine out of my 2007 Chevy Cobalt several months ago, I busted a line off of a plastic connector on the EVAP purge valve and I figured i'd get to finding that part later... well, later is here and I'm having a hard time naming/finding the exact piece i need, so here I am turning to you who know all. (please help)

pictures attached. bonus points to whoever can help me locate this line for purchase lol.



Goblin Guru
I think it's 15934416, but I don't think this is applicable to a Goblin build. Are you intending to run the EVAP system on your build? I believe that line runs all the way from the evap purge solenoid to the evap canister, which is obviously not going to fit on a Goblin. If you are intending to run the evap system, you'll need a custom line. You should be able to find a quick disconnect fitting that fits the barb on the purge solenoid, and then run your own line to wherever the canister is mounted. Otherwise, ditch the whole evap system...