Gas pedal extension


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Not sure if this has been done but I'm in the beginning stages of making an extension to move the gas pedal close to the brake pedal. It's something I've wanted to try to help with heal/toeing forever but It always gets pushed aside for other projects.


I think I'm gonna move it up 2 inches. It should be pretty even with the brake pedal once you start engaging it.


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I added a wooden block on my gas pedal, just to test it. It has been there ever since ;)
My clutch pedal is still closer, but the gas and brake are even.


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I actually thought something was wrong when I saw how far back the clutch was in relation to the brake, then I noticed the gas pedal also I would like to see what you come up with.


I was able to move the gas pedal even with the brake. I did it more for reach issues, just didn't feel comfortable and I didn't want to be any c

I also put a extension on my clutch pedal for the same reason


Sorry meant to type I move the pedals closer so I would reach more comfortable and not be so close to the steering wheel


It's kinda hard to tell from the picture but I just enlarged the hole on the side of the pedal bracket till I could put the pedal were I wanted it. Top bolt stayed in original hole and drilled a new hole for the other bolt. The third bolt is only catching the washer but the pedal is really sturdy, might do something else to secure the third bolt better if I need to


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Had some time over the weekend to look into this and created a 3D model for this pedal extension. The bulk of the process was just getting the two pins out of the pedal / leg but after that it's pretty straightforward.

For those with a printer, I've attached the STL. I printed my prototype in PLA+ with 70% infill, 7 walls, 7 top / bottom layers and it's a solid enough piece. I would also recommend you print this with the long side on the Y axis. If you want me to print / ship you one, private message me.

I used leftover stock bolts but you will need to drill out the aluminum pedal leg which is easy enough. Given the nature of this print, use at your own discretion/