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I am selling the Shadow Lou Racing 2018 goblin. Standard length race chassis, modified supercharged engine, come with new F35 transmission in the box, two 13.75x15 Hoosier tires mounted on steel wheels,4 15x10 allow wheels, 6 9.5x15 front Hoosier racing tires.
asking $29,000.
Reason for sale I can no longer get into car,

engine mods, forged pistons (anodized,skirt coating, ceramic top coating) forged connecting rod, balanced, ported cylinder head, stage 2 cams, up rated valve springs, ported intake manifold, 60# injectors, ATI crank dampener,
custom tune. Aluminum flywheel with
6 puck disc.

suspension, front adjustable sway bar, 3 sets of spring and shock assembles, bump steer removed, power steering not cobalt but Toyota.

Transmission, limited slip, Drive Shop axles.

Brakes, Wilwood calipers, adjustable vacuum regulator for booster to adjust feel

Located in Kansas City, Mo 64145

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Someone is going to get a sweet ride. Sorry to hear you can't get in. That yellow Goblin is still the only car I have ever found that can out pull my R6 motorcycle.


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Sorry to hear about the agility problem. This is probably one of the best developed Goblins out there. Hopefully it will go to another autocross/track enthusiast.


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Sorry to hear that Brad.

I can personally attest to the build quality of this car. Nothing was spared and it drives great. Really top notch.