Goblin Torque Values.


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I would like to get all the torque values in one place, and I'm hoping to post them in order as mentioned in the build videos.
Please post any that you know and reference the source please.

Steering rack: 81 ft-lbs
Pedal box: 18 ft-lbs
Brake booster: 18 ft-lbs
Brake master cylinder to booster: 18 ft-lbs
Engine mount donor bolts: 37 ft-lbs
Engine bracket to frame M14 bolts: 100ft-lbs
Control arm front bolts: 41 ft-lbs
Control arm rear bolts(to frame): 100 ft-lbs
Front Subframe Nut: 100 ft-lbs
Front Transmission mount: 74 ft-lbs
Three rear trans bolts, mount to subframe: 44 ft-lbs
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This post is for engine torque values and others not mentioned in the videos....transmission to engine bolts etc. Don't have my list in front of me at the moment.


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Does someone have the torque values for:

Front knuckle assembly bolts
Rear hub bolts to knuckle
Front control arms to frame
Front brake caliper bracket
Rear steering replacement unit to frame: same as power steering?
Rear inner tie rods
Outer tie rods
Shock bolts



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Okay so I rewatched a few of the videos. Here’s what I have if it helps anyone.
Front A arms to frame 90#
Front A arms to steering knuckle #100
Outer rod ends 100#
Hubs 50#
All other bolts on the up right 33#
Brake caliper brackets to upright 85#
Steering rack 81#
Tie rods 50#
Coil overs 30#
Brake pedal box 18#
Brake booster and master 18#
Subframe bolts 100#
Rear control arm front bolts 41#
Front trans mount 74# (not on engine side couldn’t find that one)
3 bolts for rear trans mount 44#
Upper engine and trans mounts 37#

I’ll add anything else I find to this list