GOTW - 4-26-24 #197 Will Jackson


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This week's Goblin of the Week was built by Will Jackson from Montgomery Village, MD. He built his Goblin in a one car garage while working in operations at a particle accelerator called the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider. Pretty cool stuff.


What is your name?
Will Jackson

Where are you located?
Montgomery Village, MD

What is your forum screen name?
Bonus link: YouTube video telling the story of Will's screen name

Build log on forum:
SwerveMonkey's Street Goblin #197 - 08 Donor

What is your chassis number?

When did you buy your Goblin?


Tell us a little about yourself.
"Physicist by training, Engineer by Trade
Studied Physics in University and immediately after was hired by a Department of Energy Lab in New York state. Spent a decade and a half working in Operations for the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider in Long Island... RHIC for short. Not too long ago my family relocated south to my home state of Maryland where I now manage and maintain another particle accelerator, albeit minuscule in comparison to my last job's particle accelerators."

How did you become interested in cars?
I've always had an interest in mechanical things and how cars work. My father instilled in me an appreciation for speed and my mother would recollect that as a small child I was always soothed by the sound of NASCAR on the TV.

What drew you to the Goblin?
It is one of the most bang for your buck kit cars on the market and extremely accessible to DIYers and shade tree mechanics alike

How does the Goblin fit into your lifestyle? (daily driver, weekend warrior, both)
Occasional fair weather commuting

Tell us about your build. (who did you build it with? where did you build it?)
Started building it in my one car garage in Mastic Beach, NY. Just enough room to open one side of the donor, LoL. When we moved states, the Goblin was able to be loaded up on it's own power into a moving truck... right next to the sofa, LoL






What, if anything, have you modified on your Goblin that sets it apart from others?
"I've modified the cowl to open forward on a fabricated hinge based on the one provided. Using the original DF plate as a template, I cut out a bracket from stock metal from a big box store and bolted it to hinges, then bolted that onto the frame under the front of the radiator support. For restraints to prevent over-extension, cable stays were fabricated from crimped wire and simple nuts and bolts in the cowl itself.

I've also integrated a battery cut-off switch into the ignition switch housing to prevent battery drainage."




Do you have any memorable road trips, races or events you've attended in your Goblin?
Went to a not so local car meet in Columbia MD with a friend who is working on his own project, a VW Corrado. We drew a crowd initially as we arrived but as the day became night an Ariel Atom also showed up and parked near as well. Plenty of good conversations were had until a few drops of rain sprinkled the venue. Of course the Motorcycles that showed up started to flee, and the Ariel decided they were not going get caught and decided to leave as well. I thought I should follow suit and found myself racing WITH the storm back to my garage. I felt bamboozled by the weather when i found out that the trickle of rain was only a drizzle at the venue and I had driven INTO and WITH the storm as it blew through the region.

Is there a particular aspect of the Goblin—be it the design, performance, or community—that you appreciate the most?
Without a doubt, it is the community being my top pick! The design work, sharing of ideas, and even the warnings and "heads-ups" about the hurdles encountered as a group is amazing. It really is a community of engineers learning together.

Finally, do you have any future plans for your Goblin—any upcoming modifications, trips, or events?
I have fantastical dreams of twin charging the system, but as of right now I think I'll have to make the the time to scrounge through local junkyards for an M62 ; )



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You should tell more stories, I'd listen to them! That's a good one.

I have fantastical dreams of twin charging the system, but as of right now I think I'll have to make the the time to scrounge through local junkyards for an M62 ; )
Do itttttttt, throw some rods and pistons in that L61 and tell me how much better the E37 is for tuning!