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My name is Jake Hello Adam and Goblin forum I ordered up chassis #134 track-extended-easy entry. I found the goblin through YouTube videos but never seen one in person. I know this will be a fun challenge and a great experience based on customers reviews. Goblins are a blast to drive and ride in so,I have to build one.

I have been buying cars and bikes for about 10 years, mostly parts-auto body and painting,so tackling this full build is a first for me. This will be pretty much a cruiser for me and my friends.I don’t need more HP and mods right now, because it’s already the SS turbocharged.

I also want to candy paint my goblin myself, and do a full amplified audio system, eventually some nice wheels. I’ll do regular updates probably twice a week til it’s registered. I know a lot about auctions/titles in MN shoot me a pm if you plan to buy a car here.


The $9,248.75 donor! Lol
I see this a lot actually, car looks really good in photos then you go check it out and bam! There’s a receipt saying someone just bought this $8,600.00 plus fees are you serious!
Buyer got less than 5 months 9,000 miles before accident.

Intercooler is gone, front bumper, condensor and re-bar are trashed that’s about it I’ll do very good with this one. just like the auction, I didn’t get power to trunk from the front post because ground in back was loose and fell apart in my hands.

I have plenty of time to get started before frame arrives but, I have 4 cars to paint at the moment, and I have a 10 day vacation planned in June. Probably mid summer to complete stage 1,2.

That’s what I got for now started at -4 today got cobalt out behind shop.
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That's a good deal. Good mileage too at around what ~84k? Now that mine is getting close to complete, I've been thinking about audio systems. Based on what I see here, space is tight for even a basic system. It could be tricky for you to find room with an amplified system. Curious to see what you come up with.

Gsd autos mn

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Yeah 82k it probably went from dealer to dealer to that guy who needed financing in ND buyer only had it from May to Sept must have really liked it, The highest I seen dealer pay lately was around 5500 so 8600 seems top dollar to me for a salt state.

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Finally started!
Got my chassis and all 3 stages last weekend the Jolly Rancher powder coat looks really good, I have more parts to powder coat and chrome.

I still have to get some new parts ordered hubs,tie-rods, seat belts, bc coils but I can’t wait to get rid of this donor pretty much sold everything important.


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That's really looking great!

I sure wish now that I would have used this build as an opportunity to purchase sand-blasting equipment and a powder coating system.

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well I finally shut down my other projects been making excuses. Parts are in I just need rear bc coils and some tires next. Painted motor and transmission in cast iron gray from Eastwood. Did the axles, calipers, tie rod ends, steering rack, brake booster, alternator, and misc parts so far.



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It looks like you have your alternator taped off for paint. Is there any trick to that or is it safe to spray? I left mine uncoated and it sticks out like a sore thumb.

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It looks like you have your alternator taped off for paint. Is there any trick to that or is it safe to spray? I left mine uncoated and it sticks out like a sore thumb.
I wanted to split it apart but the copper was spot welded to the plastic cover side. I covered the plastic cap in tin foil it wasn’t too difficult then cleaned all the parts then taped off the face and bracket, so I can paint the back black and the front the color of my motor. I paint cars all the time so I’m used tedious taped parts.