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Hagerty took my payment yesterday. Then declined coverage today. Due to “extreme modifications”.

It's not modified at all, it's a perfectly stock goblin, just the way the manufacturer built it!

I wonder if they've received a few claims recently? It seems odd they start dropping cars when all they have to do is sit back and take our money. In all the time I've spent trolling the forums, I'm aware of two of them that have crashed. Out of probably 200+ on the road. That can't be much higher of an accident rate than normal, can it?


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Progressive wouldn't directly insure me, but told me to talk to a local progressive agent, as they could. Weird, but it worked.
Thank you for this tip. It took a bit to get someone to help. A lot of back and forth too! Progressive Classic with a local agent - but I didn't even bother trying to call their main number.
I ended up going with Rally, it was super fast and easy to get it done. Great customer service also. Rally did not care at all that I had Montana plates and Colorado residence either, it was the easiest part of the entire legalization process :)

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