Happy Birthday To Me


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Growing up as a kid with a birthday right before Xmas you always get sort of robbed. so as an adult I always make sure I take care of my self when it comes to my birthday. Last year on this day I pulled the trigger on DF-kit #2

Today I bought a CAN-AM RYKER 900, have only drove it home in a light rain but can tell that it will be a blast.



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What a Creature! Looks like more fun than, err, ummm, well ANYTHING that is usually done fully clothed! And some ya might do nearly naked.(BTW: never fry bacon naked, just a life note.)


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Never really understood the reason for these over straight up 2 wheel motorcycles, other than putting your feet down when you stop.


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As I was on my way to see this yesterday I was adding up how many motorcycles I’ve owned in the last 40 years and my number is 19.

So far I’ve only took an hour long ride so far but on a regular motorcycle you just lean into the turns, on this unless I’m wrong you seem to have to throw your body weight into it. That Power Pedal when in the Sport+ mode you better have an on obstructed path in front of you because the power it has snaps your neck when it kicks in, sure to put a smile on anyones face.



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that is rad what size engine in that one?

I also have a throttle pedal controller for cobalt ss that I never used, its very nice, I will sell pretty cheap.


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I miss riding snowmobiles, these look like a good replacement for warm climate areas. I've been seeing them pop up for sale here and there and they look fairly reasonable compared to the spyder. Can you add a second seat to them easily or do you need a different model?
Happy birthday, mine is the 30th I never really felt robbed, just a second chance at those extra socks and underwear that you didn't get on Christmas

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it is this one...

I hooked it up and drove literally 5 miles with it. I decided to go with the throttle spring mod instead. I will sell it for $65 shipped. No box but it is like new. I am having spine surgery next week and I am liquidating all of the spare parts I dont intend on using.
Woah! Spine surgery, that's serious! Good luck with the surgery and hope your recovery is quick. Can't leave that Goblin in the garage for long.