Hood Installation


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Picking up my hood from paint today, so I want to make sure I understand how to install it. Looks like there's 2 bolts and 4 rivets in the baggie. Am I right in thinking the back will bolt to the 2 little arms that are parallel to the body? I'm not sure what the rivets are for though. The hoods supposed to be removeable, so I don't think I'm supposed to rivet it on :)

Anyone have any pictures of their hood install?


Indy Lonnie

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The rivits are for the metal piece that hold the Dzus fasteners, the quarter turn things under the radiator. The metal piece will be rivited to the bottm radiator area of your hood.
The bolts are for the arms that bolt up near the dash area on each side.

goblin 1.jpg

goblin 2.jpg
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Thank you @IndyLonnie! That's exactly what I was looking for! I had no idea what that think was! That makes so much more sense!