How much risk is too much risk?

When doing the test he shows in that video, am I looking for similar rates across the injectors or a specific rate? (Or just post them back here for expert review)

Thanks for your help everyone!


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I thought you were looking for a leaking injector. When the key is on, the fuel pump should turn on the fuel pump. Check if any of the injectors are leaking fuel out when the engine is not running, but the fuel rail is up to pressure. If it passes that test, then you could test for similar rates for all 4 injectors.
I believe the fuel injectors have passed the test. Below is what I did in an attempt to test them.

1. Pulled fuel injectors and rail but left everything attached. (hoses/wires)
2. Placed each injector so they would be leaking/spraying into a cup while resting at an angle similar to their "natural" position in the engine.
3. Turned the key to the on position for a few seconds and then turned back to the off position.
No fuel in cups.
4. Jumped fuel pump relay.
No fuel in cups.
5. Turned key on (while still jumped) for a few seconds then back off.
No fuel.
6. Then I repeated steps 4 and 5 because I think I "jumped" it backward...
Still no fuel
7. Installed relay.
8. Turned the car over a time or two to check for fuel in each cup.
Fuel present
9. Reinstalled fuel rail/injectors.
10. Attempted to start.
Some fluttering, but no go.


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That seems like a valid test... no leaking.
If you jumped the fuel pump relay both ways, then did you blow a fuse?
One diagonal jumper wire should turn on the fuel pump,
the other diagonal is suppose to be the relay coil - with a positive and negative on each side. Shorting this with a wire will blow a fuse?

Were are talking about jumping this over here.
A bit more info. 2 codes: p0102 and p0135. MAF and O2 sensor 1 I believe. Previous owner stated issue with emissions fuse blowing. Could all of that be related? Those 2 sensors align anywhere else other than the fuse box?


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What Does Code P0135 Mean?
Heated oxygen sensors contain heating elements to help them get to operating temperature quickly in order to minimize the amount of time spent in open-loop operation (A fixed rich mixture). Code P0135 occurs when the powertrain control module tests the upstream heated oxygen sensor’s heater circuit on Bank 1 and detects a short in the circuit or excessive resistance in the heater circuit.

What Is The Cause Of Code P0135?
Faulty Pre-Catalyst oxygen sensor
Faulty wiring/connections
Short or open ground in the wiring
Blown Fuse
Engine coolant temperature sensor is not operating correctly
Faulty Power Control Module