Ignition Recall from GM


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Got my donor on Friday and started my disassembly process, but I'm taking it slow. I had a lot of trouble with getting the key to turn on the column to start the Cobalt. It takes a lot of playing around with it, but I eventually get it. Just remembered this evening about GM's recall on the ignition issue, so I looked up my donor the recall site AND THE PREVIOUS OWNER NEVER TOOK THE CAR IN TO GET A FREE FIX ON THE RECALL!!!

The donor still runs, but the entire front clip is off the car now. Any suggestions?



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I received a letter in the mail from GM after transferring my donor title. It was never replaced either.

I wonder what would happen if you removed the ignition and brought it to them for exchange??

It was my understanding that the ignition would accidentally engage the steering wheel lock? That's not a problem on the Goblin.


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I don't keep my key on a key ring, just loose. I would suppose the mounting position of the lock and the keys had a lot to do with the issue. I don't think one would need to worry about this in a Goblin.