Introducing Myself - Bruce Weatherby


Hello all,
It started as a dream, a bucket list item, it got real as I picked up a 2009 LT. Ordered my kit and now going through the disassembly process and waiting for my toy to arrive. I live in Montana and work for a Teardrop Trailer Manufacturer. I would like to say thank you in advance as I have watched this forum for some time, you guys are a very helpful and pleasant group. I am looking forward to to taking this journey and getting to know you.
Thanks Much, Bruce

2009 LT
Chassis #211 extended
Troy Montana


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Welcome Bruce! You should start a build log! It is a great way to share and track your progress as well as ask questions to the forum!


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welcome Bruce you live in some very beautiful country there. That is an area the wife and I always talked over for retirement. If you have any questions please post most of us will respond. The only tips I can give are label every thing then take a pic. As you build you will find yourself wondering how this or that went.

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Bruce, welcome to the family. Jason is right, you live in a place many of us would love to be. Question, are you building a street Goblin or an AT? Up there I would be building an AT, but that's just my take on living up in the mountains and north woods. Start a build log and post some photos, we would love to see your build and progress. :D


Thanks all for the welcome, I will be building a street Goblin and I do live in a beautiful place but there are many other places that have their one unique beauty as well. Yes I am building a car that I can only drive 6 months out of the year.


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Yep, document everything. Label, photo, post, thumb drive, hard copy, album. Never know who will want the info: DMV, insurance, next owner, yer kids, etc....