Just making sure this is the vacuum port on the engine


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I got this new crate motor for the goblin and just wanted to make sure this is the vacuum port that the vacuum hose from the front of the car plugs into.
the port in question has a yellow cap in the photo. thank you

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The evap valve - the one with the blue cap in the photo - will also have to plugged/removed.

The yellow cap port had a hose installed that snaked back under the mess of stuff above the transmission. Don't recall exactly where it was going to, but in my donor photos it was routed in the direction of the brake booster. This hose had the braided plastic cover on it.


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Awesome thank you! Ok so I’m now pretty sure that’s where my vacuum line from the front of the car gets spliced into (yellow cap). On the video with a different engine the port is in a different place but it all makes sense now. I’m very green when it comes to car stuff learning a lot very fast