Just saw this car...

Ark :D

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Just saw this (exact) car, sitting in the parking lot in a shopping center in my little backwater town of Willow Street, PA.


Pretty sweet. The idea of an open diff in a V8 terrifies me though. I did not expect to find out it was a 4.2L V8 mated to a Boxster trans though, isn't that too much torque for that trans?
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That is beautiful.
Clean too.
Looks wider than a Goblin.
Fabric hood???
Engine looks like is is more forward than our Goblins. CG might be a little better.
The frame curves are pretty. But, notice the frame lacks some of the basic triangulation needed to truly give structural strength - especially in the roll bar.

Dale E

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No the Audi transaxle is strong enough. That is basically the same transaxle that the GT40 replica guys use. That Velocity car was designed and manufactured in the Denver. Colorado area. It is a similar idea of the Ariel Atom as is the original Palatov D2 (a friend of mine has one picture included). My friends Palatov has the Porsche transaxle with an LSx 550 plus hp. And yes the Velocity had a convertible top type body for covering.




I like it, that’s not my first time seeing that car. I wanted to build that car but couldn’t find anything about it online as far as what’s needed to build that car and also where they get the frame.