Kansas registration - How to (easy peasy)


Goblin Guru
Just registered Goblin #2 in Kansas, so here are the steps. Make sure you read all of them, if you miss a step your not going to get registered :p

Step 1 take your completed goblin + MCO + title/receipt for donor + the kit to one of the Kansas highway patrol inspection stations on a trailer etc....(no appointment needed, allot around an hour once your there)
- They will fill out the inspection report for you and give you 2 sheets of filled out paperwork and assign you a vin consisting of DFGB then your frame number 0xxx

Step 2 Get insurance on the car and print out the proof of insurance with your name on it.

Step 3 Make an online appointment (right now in Olathe area DMV you have to get online at 7:25 and at 7:30 they open the queue and digitally get in line or it fills up for the whole day in 2 minutes and you have to try again tomorow)

Step 4 Bring MCO + Title/receipt + receipt for the kit (stage 1 is fine as it has the frame) + proof of insurance + the 2 papers the highway patrol gave you to the DMV appointment. Bring cash or check to pay your registration and sales tax. Walk out 30-45min later with a temp tag and registration. You're plate and title will come in the mail in a couple weeks.

So if you really time it well you can do the inspection day 1 and DMV registration day 2 and your on the road!


Things to note, They did not check a single thing on my car. Since I used a crate engine/transmission the officer was obviously not able to find a VIN number on the engine, so make SURE you bring a receipt for the engine/frame and he will mark the receipt on the checklist of components on the paperwork.