Last try before I just order me one.


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Oh and witch one makes the

Um, full sentences would help.

Man hope to find a turbo donor but I can change the pully on a supercharger one and make same power..or not
The turbo can make more boost than the supercharger. Turbo 20+psi boost, supercharger 12psi, with a pulley, 15psi.

Stanley Bryant

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Hey Ross I may have a lead on a 2006 ss that's been upgraded to turbo working the guy right now is the early models good or the late models better engine wise


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In 2006 there was 2 motors available for an SS. The 2.4L naturally asperated, and the 2.0L supercharged LSJ. The LSJ is the stronger block for a built engine, but both would work. The LSJ is the best engine to build, but I might be a little biased. LNF, LHU, LDK are great blocks too.