LNF Fuel Questions - Pump, Filter, and Baffles


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I have fuel starvation issues when the tank is less that 75% on real hard cornering so I'm putting a surge tank in mine. It's supposed to arrive today so that'll be getting mounted this weekend most likely and then I have to get it all plumbed. I'm going to be using a base model pump and housing to supply fuel to the surge tank and then the AEM pump I had in the tank will go in the surge tank.
Hey any photos of this setup by any chance? I realised that around 40-50% even under medium cornering I'm getting some issues and the fuel level shows empty for a split second then goes back to near half. Way too much slosh for this kind of car so I'm gonna do the same I think. Shame the tanks don't have baffles


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You can get fuel tank foam. I have no experience with it, but it would seem to me that would solve the fuel slosh problem.