Looking for feedback/sanity check on my plans.


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Hello everyone. I am new to the forum and Goblins in general. I have been doing a good bit of reading here and searching Copart, Facebook, and Offer up for donor options. I think I have a pretty good idea on the route I would like to take but would also like to avoid any headaches others have experienced if possible. Fortunately, there are a number of you close to my area and I will have the opportunity to see some of these cars in person.

Intended use: I will be taking this car to different meets, cruises in the country, eventually autocross, and maybe the occasional track day. I have never done autocross or track days before, but have always wanted to and I think the Goblin is a great car to do it in.

The Donor: I think I have decided to go with an automatic LS/LT donor or SS NA. As much as I love a manual, auto base cars are everywhere, and SS NA cars are somewhat easy to find as well. Also, learning the basics of autocross might be easier if I don't have to think about shifting. I will add the e-shifter and make a sequential style shifter or paddle shifters and eventually I will add a turbo. All of this completely changes if I happen to find an SS/SC or SS/TC car for a decent price though.

Goblin Chassis: I will keep the 4 lug hubs, full cage, roof bars, and double door bars. A question I have here is that I have seen people mention an extended version. I cannot find it on the build page. Is this still an option or was it made standard?

Body and Exterior: For now, I do not plan on adding any of these options. I am trying to start out as somewhat of a budget build and will purchase what I want later or fabricate my own.

Lights and Electrical: None. I will source my own headlights and taillights and make my own button panel.

Seat Option: None. I have found a relatively cheap reclining race style seat that is comfortable and have been using on my sim racing rig. I will buy a couple more for the car.

Other Options: Rear coilover kit makes sense to add right away for the adjustability. Steering wheel kit since I would be adding a removeable steering wheel anyway. Possibly the tow bar package to get to and from autocross until I can get a trailer.

For the most part I think that is it. Start out mild and build it wild over time. I look forward to everyone's feedback.


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All goblins are now “extended versions”. They did away with the standard size a while back. You’ll see tomorrow that mine is a bit cramped, the extra 4” of the extended version is well worth it.

joebob will be there tomorrow and he has a 2.4L auto, to give you some ideas.

making things yourself is what it’s all about to make it unique. I would recommend the hood from DF, it’s needed.

lots to talk about. Lots of options.

and at autocross you don’t shift anyways. :D