Looking to upgrade my cooling system


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Has anyone swapped out the radiator and intercooler fans for something stronger? Id like to get a set of spal fans with a higher cfm rating, but i dont know what the specs are of the original fans. Anyone know the spec on these? Amp draw, cfm rating, fan size etc. I dont want to overload the circuit. Thanks

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The stock fan used for the radiator is labeled as 80 watts and 12V, which is about 7 amps. I would venture this is operating power and start up will be about X2, so a 15 amp circuit is what I speculate the fan is rated. As far as CFM, there is no labeling or specs.


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I have a feeling the df guys bought alot of their cooling parts from frozenboost.com. I see the heat exchanger and the intercooler on their site, but no fan info. Are the stock fans 10 inches?


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Yep. My post #35 has some info in it on what I did. I have had spal fans on my diesel truck for over 10 years (Yes my heavy towing diesel has electrics and stays cool) and I highly believe in them. I wish I still had an airflow meter to get a true measurement on air flow, but a “feel” test, there is a noticeable difference between spal and the ones the come with the goblin. I don’t believe there is anything wrong with the stock fans, but I just wanted more.

I am also running a pusher fan on the ic rad instead of a puller. Without any scientific data, my thinking is to keep the airflow moving in the same direction (as it comes in and then hopefully out under the vehicle), instead both fan pulling air and kind of keeping it rolling in the same area. Hope that makes sense?? Not sure if it’ll help, but it’s worth a try. The fans are fairly inexpensive.

if the temps stay up too high, I’ll probably just add a second rad to the system. There’s no rules on having only one rad.