LS 2.2 NA Tuning


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I'll be using this thread to track my tuning attempts on my Goblin.

  • 2007 LS, with ~130k miles originally - now has 573 miles since I built it
  • Stock 2.2 NA engine
  • DF intake
  • DF exhaust with wideband o2 and stock o2 sensor
    • Wideband is in the DF exhaust bung. I have at AEM 30-0300 X wideband.
    • I drilled and used a no-weld bug for the stock narrow band o2
  • HP Tuners MPVI2, non pro
  • Wideband is connected to laptop via a serial to USB interface
I started the process today, unfortunately ran into three problems. First, my serial to USB adapter needs drivers so I wasn't able to pull my AFR EQ ratio into the VCM scanner. Second, when I followed the instruction from Goat Rope Garage to get ready to tune, the ECU decided I did something wrong, and went into reduced power mode and disabled the engine. Third, I didn't have time to debug because the kiddos wanted their rides in the Goblin, and by the time I got finished, it was too cold and dark out to keep trying. Unfortunately it's rainy during the week, so will need to wait for next weekend to get a log drive in.

But, here is a folder of my tune files is here. So far, it just has my as found file in it.
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Following. I haven't started dumping in changes, but took a solid look at the tables. I started editing one pulling a bit of fuel and adding a couple degrees of timing. Need to wait for spring here.