Lug Nut Torque Spec


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In all my years when it came to bolting down lug nuts I would always just make them F’ing tight. This time I would like to tighten them down to appropriate torque spec, but cannot seem to find what that actually torque spec should be?



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98-100 ft lbs is common for 12mm lugs. Don't have my manual in front of me to tell exact for the cobalt..... but I do know my wrench is still set for them as I have che ked them several times over the last 600 mi


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Can confirm 100 lbft is fine. Once you build the car and drive it to heat cycle new wheels, it's a good idea to check torque again. In my years at a tire/wheel shop, we requested that all customers who buy new wheels come back after a couple hundred miles to re-check torque, and more often than not one or two lug nuts on the car needed another 25-50 lbft to get back up to snuff.