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Hello I have been looking at this idea for a while now and missed a $1000 cobalt a month ago. I know there are several people who have posted about using different motors. I have read many where the Cobalt proponents say you can get more than enough HP out of this motor.
The one thing you can't change is the sound. I have a winter beater I drive. A great car but not much in the body and interior due to a drunk owner. But with only 60,000 miles you can hardly complain. It is a Mazda MX6. Sure the Cobalt motor will probably have more power but the sound of the V6 is such fine music I would love to put it in.
The music is why I own a Ducati and a Motoguzzi and not a BMW boxer motor. It's just no fun to go fast if the music is not there.

So the question is what is the distance across, height and depth of the engine compartment? At least I can see if there is a hope in heck of playing around and stuffing it in? This is not a must it is just a wish and the fun of building it is all part of the total package. That said I do know a professional A ticket welder who would come help if I asked.



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Yeah it’s not just the engine. It’s the transmission too. Are you going to make custom A arms, drive shafts? What about the drive by wire throttle that isn’t going to talk to your throttle. The list goes on and on. You’re talking about a huge investment in time and money.

Smash the throttle in a turbo goblin and the 4cyl sound is going to be the last thing on your mind.

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Or get an SS/SC and the supercharger whine next to your ear will definitely be music that would change your mind about V6 music.
As Justin stated, the waste gate is very active on the SS/TC and the turbo sound - along with throwing you hard into your seat - is what did it for me, and I am a hardcore V8 guy.
Unless you have lots of money to spend and have an engineering and fabrication background, attempting to get a Mazda V6 and trans into the Goblin will be a huge challenge and may end in disappointment with the result. Save yourself a lot of headache and heartache if you are serious about a Goblin and get a Cobalt donor.


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I would still get a Cobalt donor, probably finish it and drive it too. But I have this entire car with a motor I love so the idea of playing around is just fine with me.