Michigan builders.


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Double checked our boxes today and I can do the 335 + 35 shipped. Lets get an official count and I can send invoices/cut them and shipped. Would like to get a min of 5 just so I can make the tooling setup worthwhile.
I think this should have its own post. You may see more interest in it if isn't buried in the Michigan builders thread.
Also I would be in for an intercooler version.




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Is there a reason everyone wants the non intercooler that I’m missing?
A lot people relocate the intercooler to the rear for better airflow and more capacity. under normal or even spirited driving on the street, the stock cooler is fine, even with the splitter (use a hood scoop mounted backwards so you still get airflow) it works fine. Start adding power and running the track or even autocross, and you’ll be increasing intercooler capacity quickly. Which will mean relocating to the rear, because of the limited space up front.