microsoftisevil’s Extended Track - ‘10 SS - #150

I’m putting together a Goblin to drive back and forth to work (3 whopping miles each way). I have a KTM Enduro 690 bike that hasn’t been getting much use because I’ve had too many close calls. I wanted something with a steel cage, but still runs like a scalded hog. Might be fun to take it to the track, but more interested in something to take down curvy backroads after work or when I feel my inner kid screaming for a go-kart ride.

Doing the F40 swap for my build since I eventually plan to drop in a ridiculously overtuned engine.

Anyway, donor is completely stripped and the husk is polluting my friend’s trailer (scrappers want the title, but I’m hesitant to sign it over until I title the Goblin). Chassis is finally powdercoated. F40 is taking up room in my garage. Still need to order a bunch of stuff. Picked up the whole kit at once, but still waiting on my seats and the rear coilovers to arrive. I’ll start posting some pics when there are things to take pictures of that are interesting or beneficial. Happy with how well documented all the teardown stuff was, or I’d probably still be working on it.

Anyway, looking forward to getting the build underway. Hope to go to the next Goblin get together to meet some of you and see what you’ve built.
So, I haven’t worked on the goblin since getting it back from the powdercoater. I have been traveling a lot for work, and in my free time trying to knock out old projects/honeydo list. Original plan was to build the goblin at my buddy’s shop. New plan is to get it rolling and engine in, then finish it in my garage. This means I have to knock out a few things first. Posting some pics that are 100% non-goblin related, but are prerequisites for the goblin to join the land of the living in my garage where I will actually work on it.


you have some nice setups and projects. Nixie tubes are amazing. im wanting to get a nixie watch hopefully soon.
Yea, I got into building those clocks from solid wood blocks hollowed out. Don’t guess I’ve seen a nixie watch. Would be neat!

That cart the dry saw and grinder are sitting on is the real game changer that I finally finished. Got sick of lugging that 130lb saw around and the mess so made the cart with a tray to catch the metal chips with a vac port on the bottom.
Hello @microsoftisevil How goes the build?
To be honest, I haven’t even touched the car for quite some time... as I type this on an airplane. Doing a large deployment for my day job and been traveling all over. Just one more site to visit, and I can put away the luggage for a while. This is the first time I’ve been on the forum since my last post!

I have 12 vacation days to use or lose before the end of the year, so I’m hoping to spend some quality time Goblin’ing it up... assuming I can put a bow on this work project in the next 30 days anyway. At some point, my buddy is going to get sick of having all my stuff taking up his shop space. And I just remembered... deer season is upon me... too many hobbies apparently.
Well, I’m still alive. Life happened, work happened. No more pending house projects, welding projects, or woodworking projects; 100% Goblin now. Honestly been so long since I’ve started gathering parts that I’ve had to go back through the pile. Found a Coyles timing chain kit I forgot I ordered... had one in my cart last night, so it’s a good thing I decided to go through some crap.

First thing I’m tackling is wiring and pressing the k201285 LCA bushings into the new LCAs I got last year. I’ll be better about posting progress reports and responding to questions about my build.