Mid-Atlantic/Southeast Fall 2021 Meet(s)

Which event(s) do you plan to attend?

  • HyperFEST - October 1

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  • HyperFEST - October 3

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Updated 07/14/2021

We are looking to have a couple meets for us east coast folks in early October! As the thread grows, I will do my best to consolidate new info or changes in this post for ease of planning.

Meet Plan
  • Alton, VA average temperature in October appears to be between 50 and 70 degrees.
  • Lake Lure, NC is about +5 from those numbers.
  • There is not a rain check for either event, so as we get within a week of the events, we can begin checking on this.
Carpool Tracking
  • There are many Goblin builders in various states of completion throughout our area. We want to do our best to ensure that those who are still building or are awaiting their kit can get some Goblin seat time.
  • If you are not planning to bring a passenger with you and would be willing to carpool with someone who is not ready to bring their Goblin to the events, please make it known below.
  • Likewise, if you are interested in attending but do not anticipate driving your Goblin, let the group know below.
  • Once you link up with someone, please update your post so that everyone knows and then work out the logistics privately.
  • If you know of other Goblin owners in your immediate vicinity and would like to convoy with them, please work that out among the group.
Confirmation Info
  • Select the dates you plan to attend in the poll above.
  • Comment with any additional details you would like to add.
    • Day(s) of attendance
    • Time of attendance
    • Carpool info
    • Any other relevant details
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I am planning to attend the Lake Lure car show for a couple hours around midday.

I will not have a passenger for the event, so I am willing to pick someone up that is reasonably close to the path between Hillsville, VA and the show.
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Well dang, that’s tempting. Not sure which one I might try to hit up.

Also, how are we defining ‘seat time’?


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I'll have to see what I can do, I already have tickets to VIR the weekend of Oct 8-10 for the Michelin GT Challenge. Oct 2 at VIR could be a possibility.
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Mine should be under construction by the but don’t expect it to be completed. I’ll drive to either show on Saturday (maybe both).


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So we'd talked previously about Hot Nights, Cool Rides car show in Forest City, NC on Aug 20/21, and Lake Lure/Asheville Aug 14.

I don't mind checking out the car show but I probably wouldn't pay to enter my hot rod.

I may already be in Asheville for another event but weather and schedule permitting I may be able to dip out for the afternoon to do some mountain bombing.

I'd hate to drum up plans that I wouldn't be a part of, but I'd also hate to miss out on a hangout just because we didn't take the time to plan to get together. I believe most of our Greenville crew is still putting their rides together but we'll have to hit Caesars Head at some point as well.