No brake pedal pressure


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I have brake fluid coming out of the bleeder valves at all 4 corners, but I have no pressure at the brake pedal. I have found and tightened some leaks in the lines. I see no obvious leaks, and I do have brake lights. What is my next step?


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What method did you use to bleed the brakes? Even though you have fluid coming out, you still have air in the system. I recommend pressure bleeding as apposed to vacuum bleeding. Pressure bleeding with manual pumping of the brake pedal seems to work the best. There are many threads on here about other having problems with bleeding the brakes the first time, we did too. In our situation, it was the pedal was not allowed to come all the way back up to open the valve ports. The brake switch was holding the pedal down a very tiny bit.


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I had the exact problem mentioned by "ctuinstra". My brake switch was not letting the brake pedal FULLY return & I had a lot of problems bleeding & getting the brakes to work properly. The brake pedal must FULLY return to function properly. Just a very small amount of interference can cause issues.