Nose Job


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I have a few formula car noses around. Some people put deer heads in their den, I have formula car noses on my garage wall. So I thought I'd play around a little bit. The lines line up nicely. View attachment 28349View attachment 28350View attachment 28355View attachment 28356View attachment 28357
The black one looks like it would fit over the radiator.
Just playing.
I was looking at doing the same thing and use the ducts to bring air into the radiator, with a front wing under the extended nose.

Lndshrk Steve

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The thought crossed my mind. At speed, on a track, you get plenty of air flow, especially with an open engine bay. And at an autocross, you're not running that long. Maybe a minute.

Desert Sasqwatch

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I'm glad to see all the cars on the track behind the fence still have nose cones. No midnight auto parts shenanigans going on! :p:cool: