Not a Goblin, but my 09 Miata


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I seriously considered a goblin for a long time, I wanted to put a LS4, F40, and change so much more, but at the end of the day, I wanted to change so much it was leading in a direction where I wanted a glass windshield, then I wanted doors, and soon I just wanted to make it a car. So, I just decided to get a car! I was seriously thinking about making a second gen scion TC into a mid engine LS4 powered car, but my business took off and it didn’t have the time or the space to do this…

So, the car stuff got put to the side while I concentrated on my business. Then I took my truck to a shop to get the headers installed (again, I don’t have time anymore) and I met the guy who would steer my interests on accident. At the end of may, an older woman was selling her 2009 Miata sport in true red. The car had never been modified and other than some blemishes, that car was great. I negotiated a deal I had no idea would work, but it did! I drove home my Miata at the end of May.
I did some cosmetic mods, I swapped out the hazed headlights for newer black housing headlights with LED bulbs. I also ditched the beat up front lip for a new black one. I also installed a carbon fiber rear lip spoiler. A front sway bar, much better brake pads, and free factory 17” wheels I had powder coated and fitted with 205/45/17 tires and I went to auto cross! I had fun, I pushed harder than I thought I would with a car I barely knew and I wanted soooo much more.
At that event there was another NC Miata there that was having engine problems. Turns out they ran the oil low while on the track and killed some rod bearings. We negotiated a deal and the motor from my car was removed to go in her car.
So, my car no longer had a motor, but!! $450 later, I had a 2.5L out of a Ford Fusion. Essentially the same engine as my old 2.0, but much bigger bore. The engine was left pretty much stock except it was fitted with Brian Crower stage 2 plus Cams and valve springs. Steel light weight flywheel and an exedy stage 1 clutch which is holding for now (I am exceeding the torque limits). A Goodwin 1.875” header was installed and a catted and resonated midpipe was also installed to the stock rear muffler (I hate fart can 4 banger noises). The diff was pulled and a quaife diff was installed. Meister club coilovers were also installed and the powder coated factory wheels came off and new 17x9 enkei PF01’s with 245/40/17 RE71R’s went on. The battery was relocated to the trunk and I cut a hole in the hood for a GT500 vent which fit very well. Then came the really cool part! BBR ITB’s!!!! With everything together and a base tune, I limped the car to the dyno. The ITB’s weren’t all the way adjusted and it hurt the numbers on the dyno, but it was alive and the ITB’s are LOUD!!! I could finally drive my car!! I went and got a custom alignment done and it felt sooooo much better!! The car is back in the shop right now for some finishing touches that didn’t get done before dyno day (The tuner flew in just for the dyno day). The throttle position was 9 degrees from wide open throttle along with some other tweaks that needed to be made. Once the tune is updated it should drive much better with more power.

I have a blackbird roll bar coming and schroth 4 point ASM harnesses that will go nicely with my Braum elite X seats. This car isn’t done, but it has more coming


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It has an incomplete sentence. Curiosity kills. What does your car have???
More coming, not done by any means. Cutting the rear bumper for a rear diffuser, figuring out an axle back exhaust solution that doesn’t sound terrible, light weight looks nice and will help down force. Also a front splitter, I haven’t ordered one yet. I am working on a finished 4” intake and likely make a plenum to force the ITB’s to pull from the 4” tube. Currently when stopped at a stop light, IAT’s sky rocket and the idle gets rough.
Oh and adding an oil cooler too


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Nice MX-5. Have owned seven Miatas over the years. Have four now. Latest purchase is a 2013 Club Sport (white w/red mirrors) also a 2.5L EFR turbo swap. Three tunes available, use 'mild' street tune of 360hp at 15psi around town. Hoot to drive, short shift to stay out of boost or push hard on right pedal and hang on.