NRG seats

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Most any seat will work, as long as the bottom width fits within the approximately 42 inches between the middle level frame rails - next to your hip - and the shoulder bolsters don't interfere with each other in the center - the 21.6 inch measurement in your photo. Seat mounts can be adjusted side to side and the seats should angle in slightly when mounted. The worst that can happen is the seats would have to returned or exchanged for another model. Personally, those are great looking seats. :D


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Not sure exactly which seats those are, but I have NRG seats with the cobalt brackets and they are fine in the goblin.
I saw your post with the seats you used and I'm ordering the same ones from CARiD. also found the cobalt racing seat bracket on amazon for $63.


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Nice. I do like them and now I have some miles on them, I can say they are comfortable. They could probably use a bit more lumbar to them, but it might just be me, because most car seats I use I crank up the lumbar.