*Official Builders Thread* Where are you located?


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It's official, chassis #123 has found a new home in Oklahoma. After lurking here for several years while working on other projects, finally pulled the trigger on J-Six's completed extended frame track TC. John did a quality build and he really hated to part with #123 but state of IL was not being cooperative with registration process. Think change from blue to red state policies will make process much easier. Plus John documented the build quite well. John I enjoyed our visit.


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I guess what got me was I saw a message that said "Where are you located". I thought it was a message directed to me but now I realize it was just the heading of the thread. Then I saw this (see picture) that mentioned 30 miles. Guess I need to get use to the way messages come to me on this forum. Hope that clears it up. I'll delete all this after you read my message.
It happens, I wasn’t trying to come off mean/rude in my response. It threw me off since you had recently commented on a picture I had posted on one of the goblin groups. Lol


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