Ordering an NA kit for an SS/TC donor

Mayor West

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I am wanting to build a kit without buying things I'm not going to use. Like others have done before, I don't want to use the Air/Water cooling system or possibly the exhaust.

If I don't need the Exhaust, intercooler, heat exchanger, or piping because I'll build my own, do I need to choose the turbo kit? Is the built frame different to accommodate the turbo subframe or anything else? I see the turbo gas tank has a notch built into it, I assume that is still needed even without the water to air kit?

The Turbo kit is +2k and includes.:
Everything stricken out I won't use or could be bought in a separate option without choosing a turbo donor
  • Manual Transmission parts
  • Exhaust
  • Heat Exchanger
  • A2W I/C
  • I/C Piping
  • Turbo Fuel Tank
  • Rear Brakes
The parking brake option and manual add-ons are selected by themselves and it brings the price down a considerable amount excluding the turbo option. Knowing a few smaller things will be needed, I'd like to go this route if possible. I know there are different hubs between the donors, too.

Those of you who have opted out of the air to water cooling system, how did DF handle the invoicing or did you just eat the cost?


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Call Adam I'm sure he will work with you on what options you need and want. Depending on your state requirements are you may need the Park/ emergency brake setup.

Ark :D

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Regarding the wheel hubs:

All of the LS, SS/NA, and SS/SC models are exactly alike. I cannot say off the top of my head how many splines, etc... but I can tell you that the axles and wheel hubs on all those models are interchangeable. The SS/TC has fatter axles, more splines on the axles/hubs, and a larger bolt on the end. However, even though the SS/TC is different, the INSIDE ENDS of all the axles are the same. In other words, you can use a set of SS/SC axles and hubs with a turbo donor, again, as long as you match the hubs and axles.

SS/TC with turbo axles = you need turbo hubs.
SS/TC with LS axles = you need LS hubs.

On my second donor, one ox my axles was destroyed and I had already bought a new set of wheel hubs to go with my first donor (a SS/SC), so I just got a new pair of SS/SC axles, rather than trying to locate a SS/TC axle.

Hope that makes sense.

Desert Sasqwatch

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Ark, don't forget the ball joints on the SS/TC (FE5) are larger diameter at 0.081 inch versus the 0.750 inch on the SS/SC or SS/NA (FE3) suspension.

Mayor West

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Call Adam I'm sure he will work with you on what options you need and want. Depending on your state requirements are you may need the Park/ emergency brake setup.
I'm in SC so it's basically the wild west over here as far as rules go, but I'd get the parking brake kit anyway. The parking kit includes the rear brakes on na models and on as models it already comes with it. The price is slightly different on each, so it makes sense.

I guess I was just mentioning hubs cause the selection sheet mentions turbo specific items in some areas like brake lots and etc.

Mayor West

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So to provide closure for this thread, I did talk with Adam. He was able to quickly quote the kit without the air to water intercooler, intake pipes, and exhaust, which made my kit much more affordable given the route I wanted to go.

So, those looking to customize a kit in the future, just contact Adam and tell him wsup.