Parking Brake Adjustment


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I have the parking brake kit and think I just need to figure how to either adjust the pull or cause the passenger side to actuate more freely.

When I pull the handle, the driver side cable pulls first and fully. Once the driver side mechanism maxes out the passenger side cable will start moving. It sounds like the cables aren't the same length but both are brand new for my goblin and I compared the lengths and they were the same. The float on the bracket at the handle end is supposed to account for slight length differences.
I've checked tightening/loosening the adjustment nut on handle itself, just changes the handle height of engagement, not the left/right behavior.

Parking brake disengaged:

Parking brake engaged:

Passenger side while handle engaged:

Driver side while handle engaged:

As it sits, the one brake holds on my driveway slope (not much slope) and haven't had it slip while parked. Is there something I can do at the caliper to make sure the parking brake is able to move fully? Or should I swap out the main caliper part at the auto store? Yes, I know I'll need to keep the machined hanger bracket if I swap. The brake pads seem to be moving fine with the pedal just not the cable since I am seeing the new rub pattern and these are new rotors.


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I removed some brass from the block on Cobalt's brake lines to make them fit my Goblin's Solstice calipers.